3 Questions to Ask Before Hip replacement

People facing hip surgery have many thoughts as their operation approaches but might not know where to start asking questions. There are a few things you should know before surgery day.

What Happens During the Surgery?

While you don’t need to know every last detail, understanding the major elements that will take place during your procedure will help you make sense of how you’ll feel afterward and what your recovery might bring. Knowing how extensive your incisions will be, what type of approach is being used, and any materials being used for joint replacement is important.

What Should I Expect from my Healing Process?Hip_Surgery

Everyone heals differently, but there should be some milestones to expect and standard phases of healing. Talk to your surgeon about this, especially if you also have other medical conditions since these may affect the rate your incisions heal and your joint mends.Take time to understand how the anesthesia used during surgery may impact how you feel afterward, and what lingering effects you might be dealing with in that regard.

What Do I Need to Do During Recovery?

One of the most important facts for you to know about recovering from hip surgery is what YOUR participation must be. Your surgeon will set you up on a schedule of rehabilitation, and your commitment to that schedule will make an enormous difference in the longevity of your pain, the improvement in your mobility, and what your capabilities are in the future. Failing to follow your rehab schedule or putting forth less than 100% of your effort into therapy will only hurt you and force you to live with limitations you may otherwise not have had.

Hip surgery can be a significant event for anyone, so take the time beforehand to ask your orthopaedic doctor any questions you need to make you feel more comfortable before and after the big day.

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