3 Quick Ways to Relieve Pain

Anyone who has suffered with joint or muscle pain knows how bad it can get, and how desperate you can be for relief. Getting your pain to subside fast is the goal, and your orthopaedic surgeon has these three tips to offer for rapid relief.


joint_surgeryUsing ice or cold therapy is a great way to ease your suffering quickly. Apply a cold pack or ice bag that has been wrapped in a thin cloth to the affected area, and never place ice directly on your skin. Use the pack for no longer than fifteen minutes at a time, with at least an hour break between applications. This will help reduce the pain itself by numbing the area somewhat, but also can take down swelling and inflammation, helping reduce the reason for the pain.


Sometimes a sore joint or muscle just needs a bit of support. Ask your orthopaedic surgeon about athletic braces and wraps and how to use them properly to avoid skin damage and circulation issues. Applying pressure to the area helps keep swelling down, in turn easing pain. The compression also adds varying degrees of stability to the joint which may help improve the motion of the joint and allow it to operate more comfortably.

Give It A Rest 

Joint and muscle pain comes from many sources but often providing a rest period to the sore part can be a valuable solution. When possible, stop using the joint and elevate it to allow the swelling to reduce and healing to take place. Water therapy, such as a whirlpool, can be incredibly useful for multiple reasons. Firstly, it reduces the effects of gravity on the problematic part; secondly it stimulates circulation of the blood and delivers healing nutrients to the injured tissue; and thirdly water is a swelling reducer by virtue of the compression it places on the body.

Your orthopaedic surgeon is a wealth of knowledge on managing pain in joints, muscles, and bones. Ask him or her for more tips on fast pain relief to hear both medicinal and non-medicinal options that fit your condition.


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