3 Reasons Why You Should Practice Pilates

Sports OrthopaedicsSports orthopaedics professionals must use every possible resource to get athletes back in the game. An extremely useful tool that may be recommended to their patients is the practice of Pilates. Even if you are not a career sports participant, Pilates has many benefits for you.

Reduced Pain

Athletes know the meaning of the word “pain” after intensive practices, games and hours of training. Non-athletes have their fair share of pain as well, which may come from work, playtime with the kids, chores at home or hobbies. People who complain about about lower back pain often get major return on investment when practicing Pilates, since it helps strengthen the core muscles that support your lower back.

Improve Bone Density

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that uses your body weight or resistance bands to strengthen muscles. This is exactly the type of activity that bones need. Using your bones to support your body weight causes your body to form more bone tissue, making bones stronger. The likelihood of incurring a fracture during sports is reduced, as is your future risk of developing osteoporosis. If you’ve been historically prone to fractures, your sports orthopaedics specialist may run bone density tests, and recommend Pilates as part of a bone-building solution. Combining Pilates with a healthy diet that includes calcium and vitamin D will boost bone health benefits even further.

Better Performance

Since Pilates has a focus of building core strength and lengthening muscles, with practice you’ll experience many benefits that will extend to sports performance. Better flexibility translates to improved evasive maneuvers in sports like basketball, increased running speed and enhanced range of motion. You’ll be more stable and balanced, more graceful on your feet and harder for an opponent to knock you over. With more pliable muscles, you’ll also be less likely to pull or tear a muscle when participating in your sport of choice.

Pilates is a great way to build strength, aid performance and improve body comfort — all without chemical means! Ask your sports orthopaedics team how Pilates may benefit you.

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