3 Steps When Preparing for a Hip Replacement

Major surgery is a life event that is important to be properly prepared for, mentally, physically and emotionally. Your hip surgeon will help you with these aspects, but very commonly patients may not consider these three steps needed before this procedure.

Prepare Your Body

Though it may be a challenge depending upon your current condition, incorporating the right kind of exercise into your routine will help strengthen your body before surgery. Your muscles will be more capable of compensating for and supporting your healing hip, making your recovery noticeably easier than if you did not exercise prior to the procedure. Discuss exercise with both your medical doctor and hip surgeon before introducing any new activity.

Prepare Your LifeHip_Surgeon

After surgery, there will be a list of things you should avoid, and difficulties you may face. Taking time to prepare prior to the big day will make your daily life easier. Plan your meals, hygiene, transportation, and household before surgery. Make and freeze a supply of meals or buy prepared meals so you can spend less effort and time on your feet. Move commonly used items to more accessible locations. Get rid of any slip or trip hazards in your house, and be sure that any pathways at home are wide enough to pass through with a walker or wheelchair. Arrange for a companion to take you to follow up appointments and therapy.

Ask Questions

There is a lot to consider before a big upcoming surgery. Do not be afraid to ask your hip surgeon any questions that crosses your mind, but there are a few frequent topics of interest. What level of pain can you reasonably expect? What does your recovery plan look like? How many rehabilitation sessions will be needed at minimum, and what parts of your normal activity may be restricted during recovery? What is a reasonable time frame for recuperation as long as rehab is followed?

Work closely with your hip surgeon before the operation to plan for a great recovery. Look forward to your new life of less pain and more living!

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