3 Things You Should Know about Total Hip Arthroplasty

A complete hip replacement, or arthroplasty, is a major surgery that can have a substantial impact on your life. Before you proceed with a procedure like this, you should become as educated as possible about it. Your hip surgeon will gladly answer any questions you have, and here are some conversation starters about hip arthroplasty.

What to Expect Afterwards

Your hip surgery lasts only hours but obviously comes with a set of risks typical of a complex procedure. Your hip surgeon will tell you how long you’ll be hospitalized, wound healing phases, what each day will bring following your procedure, and what type of physical therapy you’ll need to do. You’ll be helped to walk fairly quickly after your operation to get your new joint moving and you feeling comfortable on it. After you’ve healed, chances are excellent that your quality of life will greatly improve, and the pain you’ve been suffering will diminish significantly.

How Exercise Helps

It may seem odd, but the truth is that exercising before your surgery can help you recover more quickly. Your hip surgeon can give you some strength building techniques, referred to as “Prehab,” that will help you mitigate the inevitable muscle loss and stiffness in your joints that will occur after surgery. Your recovery will be shorter and more successful, plus your post-surgical rehab will seem less stressful as a result. After your procedure, you’ll have to show that you can accomplish certain tasks before you are released, and the pre-operation exercise regimen will make those tasks easier.

Replacement Life Span

The replacement joints used in hip arthroplasty have come a long way over the past decade. Previous versions of prosthetic hip joints were only rated to last about ten years at most. New versions have shown longevity up to and beyond 25 years. Understand that the life span of your new joint depends heavily on your lifestyle and age at the time of replacement.

If you are facing hip arthroplasty, be sure to ask your hip surgeon anything you need to know to be comfortable and prepared for life after replacement.

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