4 Common Knee Injuries for Athletes

Knee_InjuryKnees are one of the most injury-prone areas in the body, resulting in thousands of athletes seeking orthopedic care each year. In the worst cases, a knee injury can end an athlete’s hope of ever playing at the top level again. Fortunately, with proper orthopedic care most injuries can be successfully treated. Here are some of the most common knee injuries that athletes face.


A dislocation can occur when the bones around the knee are forced out of place and alignment. While some dislocations can be because of an individual’s knee structure, they can occur in sports where there is high-impact trauma such as a fall, a poor landing or sudden change in direction, forcing the knee to twist.


An anterior cruciate ligament tear can happen when the athlete lands incorrectly or suddenly changes direction. It is often seen in sports such as football, soccer and basketball. ACL tears tend to be more prevalent among female athletes, usually due to the female hip and knee development.


A large blow to the front of the knee while it is bent can cause a posterior cruciate ligament injury. This can occur if the athlete falls hard onto the knee while it is bent. PCL tears are often accompanied by meniscal tears and damage to the cartilage. While a PCL injury may not be as severe as an ACL injury, it can still cause significant disruption to training.


A meniscal tear is caused by twisting or pivoting. It can also occur in sports events such as when a person is tackled, or in a game of tennis where there is a lot of stopping, starting and changing direction. You may even feel a “pop” when it is torn. Older athletes are more susceptible to a meniscal tear as the cartilage can weaken with age.

If you have suffered a knee injury talk to your orthopaedic doctor for advice so you can learn about the best treatment and rehabilitation to get you back on court.

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