4 Reasons to Never Ignore an Injury!

Pain and discomfort is natural for an active person. Working out and participating in sports regularly causes muscles to become overworked and tired at times, leaving you vulnerable to injury. While you may be tempted to wait out the pain, there are four good reasons to get attention right away.


After an injury occurs and the pain subsides, your joint, bone, or ligament is still vulnerable and one wrong move can result in a repeat injury. An example of this is an ankle sprain, when ligaments have been stretched and are painful and unstable. If not properly treated, it will take less force to sprain the ankle the next time since ligaments had never returned to normal. A bad ankle sprain could take longer to heal than a fracture, and orthopaedic surgery may be the only fix for a severe case.

Long-Term Damage

Ignoring pain and swelling prompts the risk of making the injured joint or bone worse and plus damaging surrounding nerves, which may turn into a permanent pain management issue. Some injuries require orthopaedic surgery to correct, or at the very least should be seen by a specialist immediately to be immobilized or otherwise corrected to prevent permanent damage.


Anytime you suffer a joint or bone injury, you’ve got a good chance that arthritis will eventually set in, even if the damage has been properly treated. For one that you’ve ignored or avoided having corrected, the chance of arthritis increases substantially. Having your injury treated properly will help mitigate this risk.


A broken bone that is not reset right may not heal properly. The regrowth of bone may be lumpy, twisted or curved. A torn meniscus will continue to cause pain and knee instability. Avoiding treatment may only prolong your agony, and leave you with a more severe condition. Even if the solution to the problem is orthopaedic surgery, it is certainly worth handling to avoid future problems.

Take the time and effort to have an injury reviewed by a specialist. Doing so will help minimize your suffering and make sure future issues are minimal.

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