5 Calcium Rich Foods To Add To Your Diet

Foods Orthopedic Specialists RecommendPatients of orthopedic specialists have a vested interest in keeping their bones healthy and strong. This isn’t an impossible task. You have the ability to improve your bone health through something as simple as working on your diet. Incorporate these five sources into your diet for better calcium intake.


The food group that comes to mind when most people think about their bone health is dairy. Delicious dairy foods such as milk, cheese, and ice cream do contain calcium, but are also high in calories and fat. When choosing dairy foods for calcium, select lower fat varieties such as skim milk and reduced fat cheeses. If you cannot tolerate dairy, there are ample sources of calcium in other foods, as well as in supplements.

Leafy Greens

Spinach, turnip greens, collard greens and kale are delicious ways to get your calcium, plus they contain amazing antioxidants for joint health too. Orthopedic specialists recommend eating fresh or lightly steamed spinach to obtain the maximum health benefits from this food.


Tofu provides a wonderful vegetarian supply of calcium. Tofu is derived from soybeans (also a great source of calcium) and can be incorporated into many meals. It easily absorbs flavors and can be made to taste like higher fat/calorie meat dishes. It’s also high in protein for healthy muscles.

Orange Juice

Most people know that their morning OJ is great for vitamin C, but did you know it was a great source of calcium as well? Look for low sugar options to maintain your weight while enjoying the benefits of this delicious source of calcium.

Fortified Foods

A tasty way for many patients of orthopedic specialists to get their bone-building calcium is through fortified foods. Cereal is one example that you’ll often find touting lots of calcium. Be sure to read box labels and again, be wary of foods with high amounts of added sugar.

Your food choices can help keep your bones healthy and strong. Work with your orthopedic specialist and medical doctor to develop a healthy food plan to keep your body and bones in great shape!

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