5 Healthy New Year Resolutions to Keep

Orthopedic_CareAs you reflect on the past year’s events and make resolutions for next year, don’t forget to include your orthopedic care in your list! By making healthy lifestyle choices, you can help improve your joint and bone health. The following are five resolutions to consider for body and orthopedic wellness.

Weight Loss

If you are overweight, extra pounds cause extra force on your joints with every step. Your skeleton must bear the burden of each unnecessary pound, causing compression of the disks in your back and menisci of your knees. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you be more active, have more energy, and avoid some nasty health conditions.

More Exercise

Activity is the best gift you can give yourself in terms of your orthopedic care. When you are moving, fluid makes its way into your joints and reduces friction. The result is a smoother-feeling joint motion and less pain. For mobility-challenged patients, gentle stretching, yoga, or aquatic therapy are great entries into exercise.

Eat Better

Eating healthy foods rather than sugars and processed junk food minimizes detrimental acids in your body that may soften your bones. Leafy greens and veggies that are rich in antioxidants provide healing nutrients to your joints and gives bones what they need to stay strong. Low-fat sources of calcium and vitamin D help fend off osteoporosis.


Stress does a number on your whole body! For those with orthopedic care problems, stress makes a bad situation worse by reducing bone density. This is a result of excess cortisol, an enzyme produced by the brain in response to stress. Stress may also cause you to lose sleep and gain weight.

Improve Sleep Habits

Lack of sleep has a link to osteoporosis, plus you may not be allowing your body to heal as it should at night. Commit to meditation, relaxation, less nightly electronics use, or other natural means to get a solid 8 hours of sleep each night.

Orthopedic care patients can do a lot to improve their bone and joint health. Make a resolution to focus on yours for a comfortable and healthy New Year!

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