5 Tips for Runners During Winter

Orthopedic and SportsOrthopedic and sports medicine professionals know the different challenges faced by runners through every season of the year. Winter can be a challenge for runners in any part of the country. Understanding how to prepare and care for yourself during winter running will help you stay comfortable and injury-free!

Warm Up

The number one preparation tip you should follow is to warm up and stretch while still inside the house. Run up and down the stairs a little or jog around the kitchen. Whatever you choose to do, it will get your muscles warmed up and ready to go, and prevent muscle tears and damage during cold weather.

Finding Motivation

The darkness of winter makes motivation quite a challenge, especially in early mornings. Set a running date with a friend or some other firm goal that will help you stay focused and interested in the run, even when it’s dark and chilly.

Stay Visible

Orthopedic and sports medicine professionals warn that limited light during winter months can be particularly dangerous. Run during the day when there is adequate light whenever it is possible. Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight if you must run in darkness. Running with a friend can give you an additional measure of safety once the sun goes down.

Adjust your mindset

Arizonans are blessed with mild winters, but may need to understand a truth about winter running. Rather than a focus on building speed and getting better performance out of your body, you may need to strive for maintenance instead. Weather conditions are not ideal for peak muscle performance when it’s cold outside. Keep a realistic mindset about your potential results.


Wearing the right running shoes during the winter is even more important than any other time of the year. Prepare for wet weather or harder trails with the right shoe. Talk to a athletic footwear specialist for advice.

Orthopedic and sports professionals know that winter running can be a challenge for many reasons. Plan ahead and prepare yourself to stay safe during your winter runs.


  1. Olivia Nelson says:

    I like your comment on how warming up for winter running is even more important. I would imagine that getting your body ready for the run would be really helpful, especially in the cold weather. I’ve had some orthopedic problems in the past so I’ll have to be sure to warm up extra when it comes to running in the winter.

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