7 Super Foods to Fight Osteoarthritis

Orthopedic care patients are often victims of arthritis at some point in their life. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of the disease commonly found in vulnerable joints. This condition can be both painful and debilitating. Did you know that food can help cases of osteoarthritis? Here are seven superfoods shown to do just that.

1. Kale

This wonderful leafy green is great chopped into salads or steamed as a delicious side dish. It may be surprising to discover that kale is one of the top food sources of calcium, which helps prevent the deterioration of your bone material.

2. Broccoli

An amazing source of calcium and vitamin C, broccoli is a versatile dinner companion with an immense antioxidant benefit. Broccoli has been shown to help improve inflammation, reducing osteoarthritis pain.

3. SpinachOrthopedic_Care

Best eaten raw to maintain maximum benefit, spinach is a great source of beta carotenes, shown to slow the progression of osteoarthritis; calcium to maintain bone density; vitamin C combating cell damage and promoting the collagen needed in healthy joints; plus potassium for bone strength. Superfood indeed!

4. Dairy

Any orthopedic care provider will advise you that proper calcium intake is the key to bone health. Look for low fat sources to get the benefits without adding unnecessary calories. Low fat cottage cheese, milk, and yogurt are delicious ways to get both calcium and vitamin D.

5. Pineapple

This delicious yellow wonder is where you find an enzyme called Bromelain. Orthopedic care patients find reduced inflammation and joint healing from bromelain, plus what’s not to love about pineapple?

6. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation and vitamin D aids calcium absorption. These helpful elements are both found in salmon, which is also a perfect (and delectable) way to get your lean protein.

7. Bananas

To keep your bones strong and healthy, your body needs potassium and magnesium. Bananas are a great source of both, and provide muscle benefit as well.

Eating the right foods can give a great boost to your orthopedic care. Talk to your doctors about incorporating these superfoods into your treatment plan today!


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