Our Approach to Medical Care

Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology of Arizona (OSOAZ) was founded br Drs. Mallin and Seidel to provide a single center of Orthopaedic Tumor treatment. Our focus has always been on providing expert care to our patients in a comfortable and compassionate environment. Our office strives to take the hassles out of coming to the doctor so that each patient can focus on their own recovery. Our doctors and office staff also pride themselves on being able to coordinate care between multiple offices and specialists. We also believe that educating our patients about their medical diagnosis is an essential step in treatment and we strive to take the extra time to teach each patient about their disease and treatment plan.

Specialty Orthpaedic Surgery (SOS) was added in 2008 in response to many patients requesting treatment for general orthopaedic and non-oncologic problems. In expanding our service to include people with joint pain, fractures, sports injuries and those needing hip and knee replacements, our physicians demanded we not stray from our dedication to compassionate care. After a long search to find a general orthopaedic surgeon who would fit with our practice we are happy to have added Sean Brimacombe, MD.

SOS/OSOAZ Now, patients presenting to our office for treatment of orthopaedic tumor conditions as well as non-oncologic orthopaedic problems will be taken care of with the expertise of board certified orthopedic surgeons and with the compassion our patients all deserve.