Brooke Zahner PA – C     Physicians Assistant

Brooke Zahner CroppedBrooke Zahner, is a Physicians Assistant Certified by the American Academy of Physicians Assistants.

Brooke Zahner, PA – C (Physicians Assistant) graduated from The University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Science in Physiology with minor in Psychology in 2010. She obtained a Master of Science in Surgical Physician Assistant Studies from The University of Alabama at Birmingham where she completed the Surgical Physician Assistant Program with extensive clinical rotations in surgery.

Brooke joined our team of surgeons in May 2014 and works side by side with Dr. Judd Cummings in both surgical and clinic settings in Orthopedic Oncology, Fracture Management, and General Orthopedic Care.

Our PA role was founded on the concept of team practice. We believe that the physician-PA team relationship is fundamental to enhancing the delivery of high-quality orthopedic healthcare.  Our Physicians Assistant is a vital part of our surgical and orthopedic team. Physicians Assistants are certified by completing a national exam and fulfilling state requirements with continued education to become board licensed medical professionals that are able to diagnose, treat, and manage most medical conditions either independently or as part of a health care team.