Advantages of Yoga after Orthopedic Surgery

Whether you are waiting for your orthopedic surgery or are in recovery, you want the best outcome possible. Rehabilitation can be a long, stressful process but putting in the right kind and degree of effort can help achieve great results. Yoga is a wonderful addition to your orthopedic care program after surgery for many reasons.

Regain Flexibility

After you heal from surgery, your joints will feel stiff and will not move as fluidly as normal, due to the time that you were restricted by your orthopedic issue combined with your brief post-surgical immobility. This can contribute to your pain levels and is certainly an issue to overcome during rehabilitation. Yoga’s gentle sustained stretches will help you regain range of motion and flexibility throughout your entire body, and can be focused on the affected joints and limbs. Practicing yoga regularly will speed your recovery significantly and leave you feeling strong and limber.

Low Impact

One of the reasons that yoga is such an incredible tool for orthopedic care is that it is a low impact activity. Even a strenuous yoga session does not jar sore joints or stress them further. While you want to build your strength and stamina, you do not want to cause yourself pain or reinjure your newly improved joint or limb. The last thing you would want to do after knee surgery, for example, is to go jogging. Yoga can provide the equivalent cardio benefits without the force and impact on the recovering knee.

Building Balance and Strength

Though you aren’t typically using weights and equipment to perform yoga, you are still building your muscle strength simply from bearing your own weight in sustained yoga poses. You will be amazed how much improvement you will notice in your strength and endurance after regular yoga sessions. Yoga also improves your balance, making you aware of your body’s positions, your breathing, and your core. As  a result, you will be less likely to fall and injure yourself in the future. Not only will your orthopedic care benefit from yoga, but the rest of your life will too.

Yoga is a powerful tool to employ in your rehabilitation program and for wellness throughout your life. It can be done in your own living room or in a group setting, and will get you moving and strong after your procedure. Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about incorporating yoga right away.

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