Advice on Handling Severe Bone Pain

Bone pain can be the result of a multitude of situations. When your pain has started to become an issue that affects your life or work, it can be very difficult to manage. Orthopedic care specialists have some advice on how to deal with severe bone pain.

Determine the Source

Chronic or severe bone pain can result from bone cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and injuries such as fractures. If you suffer from undiagnosed bone pain, your first call should be to a specialist in orthopedic care. It is extremely important to have a professional discover the cause of your pain so appropriate treatment can begin immediately.

Oral Medications

After the root cause of your bone pain has been determined, your doctor may write you a prescription for pain medication. The type of pain that relates to bone issues can be quite severe and are far above mitigation by over the counter pain relievers. You may need a much stronger pain medication or narcotic to ease your suffering. Your orthopedic professional may also prescribe a biphosphonate drug, which is designed to prevent your bones from breaking down, as in the result of some cancers that have spread to the bone.

Injected Medications

While some patients will feel improvement with the use of oral medications, others may need more effective alternatives. Orthopedic care specialists can give the patient a shot of corticosteroids or analgesics to help relieve severe bone pain. Some pain medications can be applied directly to the source of pain at the bone for almost immediate relief.


Regardless of whether your bone pain is caused by the effects of cancer or the presence of cancerous cells, you may feel relief with the use of radiation as a course of treatment. Radiation can be applied pharmaceutically, via administration of intravenous (IV) medication, or through radiographic therapy. Radiography uses focused beams of radiation to kill the cells causing bone pain. This treatment can be an excellent, non-invasive way to drastically improve your pain levels.

Bone pain is no laughing matter. It can be one of the most severe types of pain, and typical pain management measures generally do not provide the slightest relief. In addition, it can signify a life-threatening condition. If you suffer with bone pain, consult an orthopedic care specialist immediately for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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