Avoid Summertime Sports Injuries

Summer is a great time of year for activities and fun, but sports medicine professionals want you to use caution to prevent injuries. Many athletes often end up in the emergency room with injuries that could have been prevented. How can you protect yourself from injury and have a fantastic summer?



Even if you are just going out for a quick pick-up game, it is still incredibly important to warm up. Stretch, get your blood moving, and allow your muscles to prepare for aggressive activity. Exercising or playing on a cold muscle is a fast way to tear or sprain soft tissue. You’ll also get better range of motion and performance if you warm up before. 

Know Your Limits

Everyone wants to be the MVP when playing a sport, but it is important to know what you are capable of, and not exceed that limit. Placing too much strain on a muscle or joint can lead to damage and pain. Play hard but stop if anything begins to hurt and use common sense when contemplating a new activity or next level of challenge. 

Protective Equipment

For someone with joint issues, being prepared for your activity can make all the difference. Tape weak ankles or wrists, wear a supportive brace on a vulnerable knee, and of course, use necessary protective gear for the sport (goggles, kneepads, helmets, etc.). It takes a few extra minutes to prepare but can save you from an injury that causes a permanent damage. Talk to your sports medicine professional to find out what type of joint support methods you can use comfortably and safely.


After your activity, take some time for a cool down and incorporate some stretches into that process. This will purge toxins from muscle tissue, promote circulation to muscles to heal any damage, and relaxes your muscles. 

Sports medicine professionals treat a lot of patients who were injured playing their favorite summertime sport. Taking a few precautions when playing can keep you healthy and active for a long time.

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