Being Thankful For Your Health

Orthopedic DoctorGiving thanks and your orthopedic doctor may not often come to mind at the same time, but this season is the perfect occasion to reflect gratitude for your health. We don’t always take the time to appreciate joint health or the professionals who help preserve it, but here are a few things to be thankful for this year!

Here to Help

No matter what type of orthopedic issue you are facing, your orthopedic doctor has the training and experience to find a solution. Should your case be uncommon, he or she has the resources to find answers, and compile a treatment plan to bring you optimal relief and mobility. The advanced education required to be licensed in this field means that you’ll be in expert hands from start to finish.

Advancing Technology

Joint surgery decades ago was a huge undertaking. While every surgery has its risks, replacements and repairs now are minimally invasive, and get you back on your feet in impressively little time. Many procedures can be done arthroscopically, with tiny incisions and little downtime. X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans all help positively identify the problem, so your orthopedic doctor can create a plan to correct it.

Better Medicine

Years ago for people with joint problems, pain management might have been a normal part of their lives. Today’s orthopedic medications are designed to target inflammation and reduce swelling to help you regain comfort quickly, and without heavy narcotics. Orthopedic science now produces beneficial supplements for joint health improvement, and has discovered alternative ways to help your joints through diet and specialized rehabilitation.

This year, when giving thanks for the wonderful things in your life don’t forget your orthopedic doctor. The one who will be there to help you through aches, pains, accidents and injuries. If you’re experiencing any discomfort or have questions about your orthopedic health, please don’t hesitate to call: (602) 466-7378

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