Benefits of Good Posture

Almost all of us have been told at one time or another to stop slouching. Whether from our parents, teachers, or doctors, a correct posture has been the topic of conversation at least once when growing up. There are several beneficial reasons to practice good posture, a few of which follow.

Healthy Bones & Muscles

When you slouch, you compress the discs and vertebrae in your spine. This can result in pinched nerves, herniated discs, damaged vertebrae, and serious muscle pain. The misalignment of your spine will eventually lead to problems with other joints, such as your hips and shoulders as they too become misaligned. An orthopedic doctor will often see evidence of poor posture via degradation of other body parts. Good posture also improves core strength and gives your body additional power.

Good Breathing

By maintaining the correct curvature of the spine, you allow your lungs to take in their full capacity of oxygen. As a result, your body is healthier and your brain works more effectively. A high level of oxygen in the bloodstream helps your body heal more quickly from injuries and allows you to think more clearly and feel more awake.


A good posture is a sign of confidence and authority. By carrying yourself tall and strong you will feel better about yourself and you will appear more capable and certain. Confident people are naturally more attractive and this fact along with better fitting clothing from good body alignment will cause people all around you to react positively.

Your orthopedic doctor can give you additional reasons why good posture is so important. Talk to him or her to learn how to carry your body. Be aware that this may take some practice before you are comfortable and natural with the correct body stance.


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