Benefits of Physical Therapy after Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic SurgeryThanks to advancements in orthopedic surgery, the procedures have restored a better quality of life for millions of people. While the surgery itself provides the foundation, a good aftercare program is key to attaining the maximum level of improvement. Physical therapy post-surgery is essential to restoring function to the injured or damaged area. The following are some of the significant benefits you can obtain from a physical therapy program.

1. Creating a realistic recovery plan

Being fearful of re-injury after surgery, can cause one to begin favoring the repaired area. Physical therapists are experienced in working with patients recovering from every type of surgery. They know your goals and limitations and how to proceed at the appropriate pace.

2. Providing motivation

When recovering from orthopedic surgery, patients often place unrealistic expectations on themselves in terms of their progress. Left on your own, your frustration could lead you to push yourself too hard or give up on rehab altogether. Working with a physical therapist means you don’t have to go it alone. He or she will act as a sounding board and offer encouragement when you begin to falter.

3. Restoring strength

The original trauma, such as joint degeneration or ruptured tendon, causes a reduction in strength. Orthopedic surgery repairs the damage but specific exercises done in physical therapy restore strength and endurance to the affected area.

4. Improving flexibility

Joints and muscles stiffen up when they remain immobile for an extended period. The limited range of motion makes it difficult to perform everyday activities. Physical therapy includes stretching exercises to loosen tight muscles and joints, promoting renewed flexibility. Regular stretching also keeps scar tissue from restricting motion.

5. Uncovering weaknesses

Physical therapists view your performance with a trained and objective eye. They can quickly pick up on areas where progress is lagging and tweak your exercise regimen to address the deficit.

Physical therapy is a valuable process to help you get the full benefit from your procedure. Your orthopedic surgeon will discuss what you can expect during your recovery period.

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