Benefits Of Tai Chi For Arthritis

For some patients of sports orthopaedics, arthritis is a cold reality. The joint pain may go on for days without relief, and even daily life can be difficult to conquer. Tai Chi has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers. The following are just a few of the art’s benefits.

Better Mobility

Tai Chi uses controlled, gentle movements to allow the body to regain motion via a non-impact method. The activity lubricates joints, slowly stretches muscles and ligaments, and helps you build trust in your body again. By performing the moves in this way, your flexibility is increased and you can move better with each session. Patients who cannot stand or walk can use adapted techniques in a seated position at first, which has the potential to improve their condition greatly without a high risk of injury.

Body Benefits

Frequent practice of Tai Chi reaps benefits you may not expect. Sports orthopaedics see better range of motion, body strength, and balance in arthritic patients who use Tai Chi.


For anyone with joint issues, loss of balance can be tragic. The balance improvement from Tai Chi has been shown to reduce the likelihood of a fall that could cause traumatic injury, and patients report feeling stronger, more comfortable and more confident in their mobility–to the point where they are able to resume activities they could no longer do because of pain and stiffness.

Reduce Pain

Tai Chi has a two-fold way of minimizing the pain from arthritis. As joints become stronger, more fluid and flexible, friction and thus swelling and pain diminish. In addition to the anatomical improvement, Tai Chi helps you develop a mental “quiet” that calms the brain and how it responds to pain signals from the body.

For patients in sports orthopaedics who are interested in Tai Chi, it’s important to choose the right class and facilitator. A video will not guide you through adapting movements to fit your personal condition. Talk to your doctor today for advice on incorporating Tai Chi into your arthritis treatments.

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