Benefits of Wearing a Knee Brace Sleeve

Anyone with a knee problem can tell you that it is inconvenient, painful, and limiting, especially for an active person. One non-invasive and non-chemical way your knee surgeon will recommend to you for some relief from your issue is with a knee brace sleeve. Here’s why:

Bolster Instability

A knee brace sleeve will provide your knee with some support while you enjoy your favorite activities. The compression of the sleeve helps keep your ligaments and kneecap in place and guides them to proper motion. The sleeve will also help reduce stress on the joint by keeping the anatomy in place.

Easy to Use

Knee brace sleeves are fairly uncomplicated. You might slide it up your leg, or they may have a velcro fastener that wraps the brace around your knee, then secures it without hard snaps or clips. Putting it on and removing it is a breeze.

More Comfortable Than Rigid BracesKnee_Surgeon

Rigid braces often are constructed with metal and plastic, which can create pressure points on your tender knee and rub uncomfortably on your skin. Though your knee surgeon may prescribe you the rigid type, ask if a soft sleeve would be appropriate in any circumstance.

Keeps The Knee Warm

Patients in colder climates or those who have some arthritis in the joint of their knee will appreciate a little extra warmth provided by a knee brace sleeve, which can improve your comfort level.

Decrease Pain

When your problematic knee is supported and more comfortable, you’ll suffer less pain and potentially require less pain medication.

Work with your knee surgeon to determine if a knee brace sleeve is appropriate for your particular case. The benefits of this type of device are a great addition for patients with mild to moderate knee trouble.

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