Best Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

When your swollen, aching arthritic joints protest the smallest movement, exercise is the last thing on your mind. But, according to orthopedic doctors, gentle exercise is just the prescription for dull, persistent joint pain. Stronger muscles redirect pressure on joints and cartilage which eases swelling and arthritic conditions. With your doctor’s permission, try a easing in few simple exercises to reduce, and perhaps prevent, arthritis pain.


Strolling through your neighborhood not only introduces you to the Smiths down the street, it also ‘wakes up’ your joints by creating a fresh supply of oxygen as cartilage compresses and expands with the movements. Start out with short, slow journeys, adding a few minutes to each session. And, although you want to move at your own pace, bring along a friend. Not only is it fun to catch up, but you’ll be surprise have quickly the time passes when chatting away.

Water exercises

If you can, head to a neighborhood or gym pool for water workouts which are fantastic for hip and knee pain; water helps to suspend your body weight which  takes pressure off the joints giving them a greater range of motion. While swimming is an ideal workout, exercises such as water aerobics or simply walking in a pool, also help promote muscle strength. Water acts as a gentle resistance to the body’s movements.


The gentle movements of yoga help you gradually build strength, flexibility and balance which are essential to managing joint pain. Take a beginner yoga class to help you navigate the nuances of proper body alignment. Make sure to introduce yourself to the instructors and tell them about your arthritis. They will help you modify poses to ensure you get the best workout without injury or pain. Remember, if a movement hurts, stop and ask for some assistance.

Next time your arthritis flares up, follow your orthopedic doctor’s advice and get moving!


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