Best Ways to Minimize Scars After Surgery

Orthopedic_CareOrthopedic care specialists do their best to leave you with little reminder that you’ve had surgery. Unfortunately, the incisions made to correct your bone or joint issue will likely leave a scar. Be sure to follow the following advice to help your scars disappear quickly.

Hands Off

As your incision heals, scabs will form. Picking at them and not allowing them to heal on their own is very likely to increase the potential for scarring, plus can introduce infection-causing bacteria into vulnerable tissue. Keep your hands off of scabs and let them mend at their own pace. Use caution when bathing so that you don’t accidentally tear off scabs.

Cover It

Ensuring that the incision stays moist, especially during the first several days post-surgery, speeds up healing, keeps out germs and dirt, and creates a beneficial environment for the skin tissue to regrow. Your orthopedic care professional might also recommend applying an antibiotic ointment under the bandage for improved healing and scar prevention.

Avoid Sun

New scars are tender and usually pink or red. Exposing a new scar to the sun is a surefire way to prolong the time it will take for the scar’s redness to diminish. If you must go out in the sun while you are healing, be sure to apply a high SPF sunscreen product to protect your scar (and the rest of your skin), plus try to cover the scar with layered clothing.

Applying Scar Reducers

After any sutures have been removed by your orthopedic care provider and your incision has fully closed, you may wish to use a product designed for scar reduction. These products contain ingredients like silicone and vitamin E, and work to quickly reduce redness and soften the scar so that it better resembles healthy skin tissue. Before you put anything on a new scar, talk to your orthopedic doctor first to make sure the products are safe for your use.

Scars are part of the healing process, but can be unpleasant to look at. Treat your incision gently and follow your doctor’s orders for the best possible healing outcome.


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