Caffeine and Bone Health

In our society of supersized sodas and questionable food sources, orthopedic specialists are seeing more and more patients with orthopedic_specialistsbone problems. Many people just cannot make it through the day without caffeine to help, but it could be harming them in multiple ways.

Broken Bones

Caffeine has been linked to loss of bone material in a couple of ways. Bones need calcium to be healthy, and in the case of drinking caffeinated beverages, the body’s ability to absorb calcium is reduced. The problem is amplified as caffeinated beverages also cause essential calcium to be leached from bone material. This may lead to an increased risk of broken bones as the bones become weaker and more brittle.


You may have heard of a condition called osteoporosis, when bones degrade over time due to calcium loss. Those who drink caffeinated beverages are far more likely to develop osteoporosis as they age. Bones break easily or begin to curve or bend as they grow weaker. The person may appear shorter as the bones in the spine lose density and compress. Often in the cases of patients with osteoporosis, a fall will cause a bad injury that breaks a hip and leaves the victim disabled or worse.


Orthopedic specialists understand that it can be a challenge to get through busy days without an ample supply of caffeine, but there are things you can do to prevent the dangerous bone loss that comes with caffeine consumption. Coffee or tea is a better choice than soda, as soda also contains acids that further multiply bone loss. Switch to decaf gradually or at minimum add dairy to your coffee or tea. Eat foods that are high in calcium such as kale, broccoli, nuts, and soy. Look for foods fortified with calcium, like some cereals and juices. If dietary changes aren’t possible, talk to your doctor about a calcium supplement.

Orthopedic specialists see the effects of excessive caffeine consumption in patients every day. If caffeine is something you can’t part with, talk to your doctor about other ways to minimize the negative effects of caffeine on bone health.

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