Can Tennis Elbow Surgery Help You?

Elbow surgery isn't something to be taken lightly.  It's one of the most important joints in your body, and damage to your elbow could create mobility challenges for the rest of your life. Generally speaking, surgery for tennis elbow is undertaken … [Read more...]

Do I Need Orthopedic Surgery?

One may not think of the elbow as a common body part to require orthopedic surgery, but the truth is that the elbow is a very vulnerable spot of the body. Ulnar Nerve Transposition is a procedure that is used to help sufferers with a very specific … [Read more...]

What is Ulnar Nerve Transposition

If you're planning on visiting the orthopaedic surgeon with elbow trouble, one of the treatments you may hear about is ulnar nerve transposition. For many people, this long string of words is the solution to an uncomfortable problem. Here's what … [Read more...]