How to Climb Stairs After Hip Surgery

Improvements in technology have made modern hip surgery so effective that patients are often able to resume normal activities relatively quickly. In fact, physical activity, especially under the guidance of a therapist, is a key factor in … [Read more...]

Why Should You Consider a Hip Replacement?

  Hip replacement was once a high-tech procedure that seemed more appropriate for science fiction than real life. Today, cutting-edge technology has made the surgery a viable option for patients suffering with joint injuries and … [Read more...]

Four Reasons for Seniors to Visit a Hip Surgeon

As we grow older, the hip joint can become a major area of concern. Over time, many of the same day-to-day stresses placed on your knees every day affect your hips. The joint can also be affected by osteoporosis and become susceptible to fractures … [Read more...]

What to Expect With Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Until recently, hip replacements were always performed using a posterior approach in which entry is made through the rear of the hip. Orthopedic surgeons now utilize the anterior approach which is made through the front of the hip. This approach has … [Read more...]

Common Risk Factors for Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is sometimes recommended for patients who have severe or persistent hip pain that interferes with normal activities. It’s also performed on those who have a serious hip fracture that isn’t likely to heal properly on its own. … [Read more...]