Recover From A Hip Replacement

Your hip joint plays a major part in many of your everyday movements. It's designed to be extremely durable, but overuse, injury or other factors can cause it to wear down. A hip replacement is a safe and effective way to improve functionality that … [Read more...]

Is my Knee Fractured?

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Tips for Soothing Achy Joints

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3 Facts about Total Joint Replacement

A joint replacement involves a surgical procedure that is executed to facilitate the removal and replacement of damaged or athritic joints, using artificially man-made joints commonly known as prosthesis. However, in case you have undergone other … [Read more...]

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Joints

Whether you have already undergone joint surgery or are about to do so, physical therapy may be part of your future. This essential tool for joint health should be considered a necessity for both surgical patients and those battling … [Read more...]