Exercises To Prevent Shin Splints

You’ve probably heard the term “shin splints” before, especially if you’re a runner. But what does it really mean, and how does it affect you? It refers to pain that occurs in the bone and muscles of the front lower part of your legs, and is … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself from Throwing Injuries This Spring

It's no secret that from a physiological point of view, continually throwing balls as hard as possible is extremely rough on a person's arms.  In fact, in terms of encouraging injuries, it's probably one of the most damaging forms of exercise someone … [Read more...]

Prevent Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common in sports medicine, especially among those who play soccer, football and other sports that require a lot of kicking, jumping or sprinting. These types of injuries occur when you pull the muscles in the back of your thigh … [Read more...]

Sports Injuries and Your Off Season

Playing sports can leave you open to a broad range of injuries that can cause long term problems and affect your performance. And while prevention through training in good condition and wearing appropriate protection is always the best option, injury … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Ice Baths for Runners

As athletic trends and orthopedic technology change, so must the methods recommended by sports medicine professionals. One interesting treatment for runners is the use of an ice bath.  Before taking the plunge, here's what you should know. Reducing … [Read more...]