What is Runner’s Knee?

If you suffer from knee pain, you may have a condition known as runner’s knee. This condition, technically termed “patellofemoral pain syndrome,” is most common among athletes, but can also occur in people who are less physically active. In addition … [Read more...]

Training for a marathon? Avoid injury

If you're a runner, entering a marathon is your personal Mount Everest. Completing the 26.2-mile course is a testament to your mental focus as well as your physical fitness. Furthermore, similarly to mountain climbing, one wrong step can lead to a … [Read more...]

A Runner’s Guide to Maintaining Healthy Joints

Creaky joints, stiffness, tenderness and inflammation – they’re all tell-tale signs of well-worn joints. Running is a high impact activity that can take its toll on otherwise healthy joints, in particular the knees and hips. But there’s no need … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Ice Baths for Runners

As athletic trends and orthopedic technology change, so must the methods recommended by sports medicine professionals. One interesting treatment for runners is the use of an ice bath.  Before taking the plunge, here's what you should know. Reducing … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Runners During Winter

Orthopedic and sports medicine professionals know the different challenges faced by runners through every season of the year. Winter can be a challenge for runners in any part of the country. Understanding how to prepare and care for yourself during … [Read more...]