Common Football Injuries That Can Be Prevented

Football injuries are more common than injuries resulting from any other sport. In fact, of the approximately 1.35 million sports-related emergency room visits among young athletes each year, most are football-related. With such startling statistics, … [Read more...]

Coaching 101: How to Prevent Your Athletes from Injury

The start of a new season is an exciting time in the life of a coach. But more than just a chance to start fresh, the new season offers the perfect opportunity to assess how prepared you are to prevent injury in your athletes. No matter the sport, … [Read more...]

Good Foods For Healthy Joints

Your joints become more susceptible to soreness and stiffness as you get older, which can make it difficult to bend and move around. Eating foods that keep your muscles and bones strong can help you maintain healthy joints and reduce the risk of … [Read more...]

Signs and Symptoms of Tibia Stress Fracture

Have you been suffering from pain in your lower leg that is seemingly unrelated to any trauma? There is a good chance that you have sustained a stress fracture. This injury occurs most commonly in the tibia, or shinbone. Since stress fractures … [Read more...]

Pre-season Training Tips For Your Orthopedic Health

Ensuring orthopedic health is crucial for any athlete trying to avoid injury, and it reaps the most rewards before your season starts. Preseason training prepares your body for the conditions it will face during regular season practices and games. … [Read more...]