Common Questions for a Knee Surgeon

Knee SurgeonIf you’re awaiting an appointment with your knee surgeon, the list of questions running through your head might seem endless and confusing. To help you make educated decisions about your orthopedic health, here are some questions to get you started:

What are my options?

Depending upon your condition and its severity, you may have many treatment options up to and including surgery. Rest, support braces, pain and anti-inflammatory medication, joint injections or physical therapy may be on the list of your possibilities. Generally your knee surgeon will try conservative treatments whenever possible. However, some injuries may require immediate surgery. If surgery is needed your doctor will help you prepare for it.

How long will this solution last?

Depending upon your age and activity level, you may require another surgery in the future. Knee replacements for young or athletic patients are likely to wear out, and eventually will need to be replaced, perhaps more than once. For older patients or those with a less active lifestyle, the life span of the replacement may be adequate. Knowing these facts will help you plan accordingly.

What should I expect during and after surgery?

Your knee surgeon will be happy to explain the plan leading up to the procedure, how you will feel after the operation is complete, when you might go home and what you’ll need to do after surgery. He or she will set you up on a course of rehabilitation, and help you understand typical recovery times for the surgery you’ll be receiving.

Do I have any limitations?

A great question to ask your knee surgeon is how your lifestyle may need to change after the operation. Can you participate in your favorite sports? Is there anything you should not do? Be aware of any restrictions you may have, whether temporary or permanent, and be sure to follow the doctor’s advice.

Your knee surgeon is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about your treatment. Ask them, then get ready to feel comfortable and mobile when your surgery is complete!

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