Common Risk Factors for Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is sometimes recommended for patients who have severe or persistent hip pain that interferes with normal activities. It’s also performed on those who have a serious hip fracture that isn’t likely to heal properly on its own. What are the chances that you’ll end up needing this type of surgery for hip pain? Your doctor will take several risk factors into consideration before determining whether to have you see an orthopedic specialist to discuss hip replacements.hip replacement

Your Age

Hip replacements are typically done for people who are between 50 to 80 years old. While this type of surgery is also performed on younger patients, surgeons usually recommend trying other forms of treatment first, mainly due to the fact that hip replacements eventually need to be replaced. Younger patients also tend to be more active than older patients, leading to a higher risk of hip replacement failure.

Your Weight

Having a higher body mass index (BMI) is associated with an increased risk of needing hip replacement surgery. The more excess weight you have, the more you’re straining your hip joints, leading to a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis. This can result in severe or even debilitating hip pain that prevents you from doing every day activities.

Your Gender

Women have a higher risk of having hip fractures or developing osteoarthritis, which can negatively impact their quality of life. Surgeons might recommend partial or total hip replacements for fractures
or osteoarthritis pain that is persistent. This is especially true for older women.

Physical Activity

Doing strenuous exercises or other physical activities that put a lot of strain on your hips can lead to a higher risk of needing them replaced. This strain causes wear and tear in your hip joints, which can result in severe or ongoing pain. These activities can also increase your risk of injuring your hips and needing hip replacement surgery.

If you have hip pain that won’t go away, an orthopedic specialist can talk to you about hip replacement surgery or other treatment options that can help.

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