Custom Knee Replacement

Facing a knee replacement is likely to bring many questions to your mind. What should you expect? How will you feel after the procedure? One factor that may improve your result is the use of a customized knee implant over a traditional product. Here’s why this important device can make such a difference to your case.knee-replacement

Product Difference

For most knee replacement procedures performed today, a standard implant is used to replace the problematic parts of the knee. Medicine is certainly not a one-size-fits-all science and each person’s anatomy may differ. While the orthopedic surgeon would choose the implant that most closely fits your knee shape and situation, even a small variation between the implant and the anatomy may cause an issue.

For a customized knee implant, your own knee is scanned and the images are used to map and design a perfectly fitting solution. A 3D model of your knee is created and then used to make an implant that will precisely match your anatomy.

Advantages of Customized Knee Replacement

The most common patient complaints after knee replacement surgery are lingering pain or discomfort. The reason for this is typically related to a misalignment of the implant or a prosthesis that is not a perfect fit. With the use of a customized implant, this risk is mitigated and the likelihood of future pain is minimal.

Another advantage to using a customized implant is that you keep more of your own bone and knee tissue. When using a standard sized replacement, the orthopedic surgeon may have to remove additional tissue and bone in attempt to properly implant the device. Since the customized version is tailored to your knee structure, it simply fits.  Less surgical pain and easier recovery are the result. You can have better range of motion with the new knee and it can last longer than the standard product.

Before undergoing knee replacement surgery, talk to your doctor about a customized implant. Any difference in cost is far outweighed by the increased comfort and performance you’ll feel with your new knee.


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