Cycling And Joint Health

If you are an orthopedic care patient, you probably know that exercise is essential for good joint health. Finding the right types of activity can be a challenge if you are dealing with pain or discomfort in a joint. Cycling is a great exercise to include in your routine, for many reasons!

Benefits of Cycling Include:

Low Impact on Joints

For those with joint health issues, exercising without causing further pain or damage to your joints is a major goal. Activities joint-healthsuch as running or jogging are great for cardiovascular benefit, but incredibly destructive to your joints and should be avoided. Cycling is the perfect exercise, as you can be fairly aggressive and obtain the advantages of a high-intensity workout, but the impact to joints is minimal.

Strengthens Muscles

As you cycle, your knee muscles get quite a workout. They become stronger and as a result are more helpful to your knee joint. The demands of carrying your body weight can be disbursed between joint and muscle, enhancing your comfort and taking the stress off of your vulnerable knee.

Weight Management

Cycling is an excellent way to burn calories. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour even as a casual rider. If you are into competition or enjoy aggressive sessions you may burn over a thousand calories per hour! Cycling coupled with a healthy diet can help you reach and maintain your goal weight. This ultimately helps your joint health as your knees and hips have less burden to carry and less force is exerted on them with each step.

Prevent Arthritis

Joint health issues will often eventually become joint arthritis, which can be quite painful and debilitating. Studies have shown that regular cycling helps manage arthritis pain and can even delay the onset of this disease. Cyclists can remain active and comfortable for far longer than their sedentary counterparts, all without unnecessarily stressing joints.

Cycling is a great recipe for better joint health. Discuss the addition of cycling to your routine with both your medical and orthopedic doctors before you begin and enjoy the whole-body benefits of this fun activity!


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