Discover The Myths Behind Arthritis

Physical Injury, Running Knee PainAccording to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 20 percent of adults in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis. Despite the widespread occurrence of this condition, there is still a great deal of misinformation circulating that prevents accurate understanding.

Are you one of the 52.5 million people with an official diagnosis? Maybe you’re dealing with joint pain and you fear the possibility of arthritis. Dispelling some of the myths allows you to approach treatment with a more positive and realistic attitude. 

Arthritis affects only old people

This might be the most common misconception. CDC statistics show that nearly two-thirds of people with the disease are under the age of 65. It can strike individuals at any time. While it’s not common, there are cases of children as young as two receiving a diagnosis.

You just have to “live with it”

While it’s true that there currently is no cure, there are a number of treatments ranging from medication to surgery that can greatly alleviate pain and other symptoms. Options have increased in the last 20 years, and science continues to make strides toward even more successful methods.

Exercise is harmful

Actually, the opposite is true. Physical activity helps you maintain mobility while it strengthens muscles and ligaments that support the joints. In addition, being sedentary can result in muscle loss.

All arthritis is the same

As with many diseases, there are several different forms. Your case may be gout, osteoarthritis, virus-related or any one of nearly 100 other types. Determining the form is essential before beginning a course of therapy or treatment.

You can get it from cracking your knuckles

Chalk this one up as a story your mother told you to scare you out of the habit. While there is a possible link between cracking your knuckles and injury to corresponding ligaments and tendons, there is no evidence to support a direct cause-and effect relationship.

Don’t allow arthritis define your lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about developing a treatment plan for effectively controlling the disease and its symptoms.

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