Do I Need Orthopedic Surgery?

One may not think of the elbow as a common body part to require orthopedic surgery, but the truth is that the elbow is a very vulnerable spot of the body. Ulnar Nerve Transposition is a procedure that is used to help sufferers with a very specific problem.

Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery Help With Pain?

To understand how this orthopedic surgery can improve elbow pain, let’s understand some of the anatomy of the elbow. Your elbow-surgeryupper and lower arm bones come together with a series of tissues and nerves to form your elbow joint. On the back side of your upper arm, your ulnar nerve makes its way from your neck to your fingers by way of the cubital tunnel running behind the elbow. Should the ulnar nerve become pinched or compressed in some way (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment), an Ulnar Nerve Transposition is used to reroute this nerve.

About Entrapment

For some patients, an injury occurs or a poor ergonomic condition exists that causes that cubital tunnel to be compromised. Constant pressure on the ulnar nerve from resting it on a desk surface constantly or perhaps sleeping on a bent elbow may cause the problem. An injury that causes fluid buildup or swelling in the elbow could also be the cause. The entrapment usually occurs at the elbow since this is the most narrow part that the ulnar nerve must pass through.

Patients with ulnar nerve entrapment usually have tingly or numb fingers, especially the ring and little fingers. You may be unable to grip objects or feel a weakness in the affected fingers.

The Surgery

Typically orthopedic surgery to correct ulnar nerve entrapment is usually only done if the case is very severe, conservative methods have failed or muscle damage is likely. In those cases ulnar nerve transposition may be performed, during which the ulnar nerve bundle is moved from behind the elbow to a position inside of it in an outpatient procedure.

If you’re experiencing tingling, weak or numb fingers, talk to your joint health specialist today. Orthopedic surgery may be the most effective way to improve your situation.



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