Specialty Orthopedic Surgery

At specialty orthopedic surgery clinic our goal is to provide high quality orthopedic care that keeps you moving.  Our expert orthopedic providers are available to evaluate and treat nearly any orthopedic condition.  From sports medicine to fracture care and from joint replacement to orthopedic tumor surgery, Specialty Orthopedic Surgery will provide you or your loved one unsurpassed expert orthopedic care.  We strive to provide personalized orthopedic care and have committed to making your experience as a patient as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.  Our physicians utilize the most cutting edge treatments in order to get you moving again such as Anterior Hip Replacement, Signature Personalized Total Knee Replacement, Oxford Partial Knee Replacement and Laser Therapy for Oncomycosis.

Specialty Orthopedic Surgery is also the home of Arizona’s only center of excellence dedicated to musculoskeletal oncology, Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology of Arizona.  Drs. Cummings and Seidel specialize in diagnosis and treatment of Sarcoma, Bone Tumors, and Pathologic Fractures.  Use the link below to enter the OSOAZ website.