Effective Exercises after Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is often a life changing event, when your days happily transition from pain and difficulty to wondering how to fit all of the things you want to do into your schedule. A very important part of your recovery is your rehabilitation and physical therapy after surgery. Your hip surgeon will want you to begin this program very quickly and will be likely to recommend these exercises.

Bed Exercise

At first your hip surgeon will want you to start moving without putting weight on the joint. While laying down, you will first rotate your ankles in a circle. As that feels comfortable add in ankle pumps, where you bend your ankle to extend and retract your foot repeatedly. After several repetitions, begin to incorporate your knees individually. Laying on your back, you will bend your knee so that your foot rests flat on the bed. Gently stretch your leg out straight in front of you with your foot sliding forward supported by the bed. Move it forward and back several times. Then, lay your leg flat on the bed and move it out to the side at an angle to your body.

Standing Exercises

Once your hip surgeon permits you out of bed, it’s time to move on to standing exercises. With the aid of a chair, repeat the same types of exercise as you did laying in the bed. Gradually stretch and extend your legs gently to the side, front, and back. Bend, lift and lower your knees repeatedly. Carefully raise up onto the balls of your feet, then cautiously shift your weight to your heels and back again. The name of the game should be slow and steady. Eventually you will use a walker to take short trips out into your community, building your strength and endurance.


Yoga is truly an amazing type of exercise. Frequent yoga sessions will help you regain flexibility, build muscle strength, improve your balance, and even obtain cardio benefits without stressing your recovering hip. The low impact nature of yoga makes it a nearly perfect way to recover from your hip surgery.

Your hip surgeon will advise you when it is safe to add different exercises to your rehabilitation schedule. With dedication and hard work, you will be amazed at how wonderful you feel after your surgery and how rich and full your life can be once again.

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