Exercise Tips for Pain Sufferers

These articles from the Evansville Courier & Press http://www.courierpress.com  and the Arthritis Foundation http://www.arthritis.org/  discusses aquatic therapy and Tai Chi as an effective therapy for people who suffer joint pain from arthritis or who recently had a joint replaced.  Joint pain from arthritis can often be cumbersome, leading to joint immobility and possibly chronic pain. Several studies have shown that aerobic exercises and strength training can improve pain, increase function and general over all well-being.  But when saddled with pain and being sedentary due to that pain, the idea of exercising is not top on the list.  It may, in fact, seem to rigorous or even unrealistic.  But what these two articles have to offer is a solution to that pain, and even a course to a better life with improvement in function and relief from pain.

Kelley Coures, the author from the Evansville Courier & Press, interviewed multiple physical therapists and surgeons who report that even with different aliments among patients the basics are the same.  The warm water and buoyancy allow more blood flow to the area, increased range of motion with less resistance and there is almost an immediate relief of pain that is seen among patients.

The Arthritis Foundation discusses a research team from Australia that performed a study with results proving that, in fact, aquatic therapy and even Tai Chi showed significant improvement in pain and function. It also showed that these results were sustained generally for 3 months following the completion of the classes.

The results after a few weeks of aquatic therapy and Tai Chi that are reported for most patients are an increased in range of motion and significantly less pain.  Those interested in aquatic therapy can discuss this with any provider at Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery.  This service should be covered by a patient’s insurance with a prescription.  There are physical therapist and physical therapy companies that do offer aquatic therapy around the valley in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona.

Written by Lauren A. Schwartz NP-C, Nurse Practitioner

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