Facts you Must Know about Hip Replacement


A patient facing a hip replacement is likely to have many questions before the big day arrives. What will the operation entail? What do you need to know about your recovery and future lifestyle? Your hip surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you have, but the following are a few things to know about your surgery.

Pre-Surgery Prep

Before your hip replacement, you’ll need to prepare your body, your home, and your after-care plan. You should try to get as much exercise as your doctor permits, since building up your muscles before your surgery is a must to avoid loss while you are healing and less mobile. For your home preparation, widen the paths from room and room, remove any slippery rugs or obstacles, and place things you will frequently need within easy reach. Cook and freeze meals that can be quickly reheated, or buy ready to eat or TV dinners (thought watch the sodium content in

prepackaged meals). Arrange some live-in help who can take you to appointments and help you with your basic needs.



Hip replacement surgery has come a long way in the past few decades and current methods are far less invasive. The entire surgery including patient prep and recovery will only take a handful of hours, and the hip surgeon will use incisions that are as small as possible when replacing the joint to minimize the risk of infection and pain. You’ll rest in recovery for a short time, and be helped to walk before you leave the hospital.

The Future

The most important part of hip replacement recovery is commitment. Your surgeon will put you on a course of rehab that you should be sure to strictly follow. Though it may be challenging, invest all of your effort. After you are back on your feet, use common sense when choosing lifestyle activities. For example, walking briskly is perfect, but heavy running may overly stress the joint.

Look forward to your new life of less pain and better living after your hip replacement! Follow your surgeon’s recommendations for the best possible recovery.

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