Five Bad Exercises For Your Joints

Doctors in sports orthopaedics can tell you how important exercise is for everyone, but patients who have joint problems need to be smart about the activities they choose for fitness. Exercises that put too much force on a joint can stress it to the point where an injury occurs or you suffer for your efforts. Following are a few examples of exercises you may need to avoid if you have troubled joints.


Each pound of your body weight bears down on your body with massive force as your foot strikes the ground, and the shock is absorbed by your bones and joints. Runners often suffer from stress fractures, ankle sprains, runners’ knee and hip problems. Amateur runners who wear the wrong shoes cause themselves further damage, since the shoe may not adequately absorb shock or provide support.


The major problem with lunges as an exercise are that many people perform them incorrectly. Sports orthopaedics professionals caution patients to find a good trainer who will help them learn and practice good form, and to be sure never to allow the knee to travel forward past the end of your toes.


Squats are another type of exercise that can be very bad for joints if done improperly. The good news is that if you practice good form and do not overdo the number of squats performed, they may help your knees get stronger. The key is in proper conditioning, technique and avoiding problems due to overuse.

Aggressive Aerobics

Much like running, high-impact cardio stresses your hips, back, knees, ankles and feet. Changing direction suddenly could cause ligament tears, and landing badly has the potential to sprain your ankle or even rupture your Achilles tendon.

Jumping Rope

Last but not least, jumping rope is another exercise that is not recommended for patients with joint problems. The shock of forceful landings jars your joints and may cause inflammation and pain.

Being active is an important way to keep joints moving. Ask your sports orthopaedics professional about swimming, yoga, and other low-impact ways to help you stay fit without harming your joints.

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