Five Tips to Protect Your Joint Health

Your joints allow you to move, bend, and turn certain parts of your body smoothly, as long as the cartilage at the end of your bones stays in good condition. As you get older, this cartilage can become worn down, resulting in joint pain and stiffness. Taking steps to ensure good joint health can help reduce your risk of developing problems later on.

joint health

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying around excess weight puts more stress on certain joints, including your hips and knees. Losing weight and keeping it off through healthy eating and physical activity helps reduce this added stress, leading to improved joint health.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, routine exercise keeps your joints strong and flexible, which reduces your risk of injuries. Commit to working out regularly, whether that means going for walks every day or doing more challenging workouts.

Work on Your Posture

Slouching can take a toll on your joints, especially in your back, neck and hips. Work on keeping your back straight while standing or sitting for better joint health. Good posture while lifting also helps lower your risk of joint injuries. Lift heavy objects by crouching down and using your leg muscles rather than bending over and using your back muscles.

Eat the Right Foods

Eating foods that keep the muscles and bones around your joints strong helps protect them from injury and wear and tear. Include plenty of foods that contain calcium, protein and vitamin D in your diet, such as meats, milk, nuts and fortified cereals.

Don’t Push Yourself

If you’re experiencing joint pain already, don’t overdo physical activity that makes the pain worse. Ask your doctor about exercises and recreational activities that are safe for you to do and promote joint health, such as riding a bicycle or swimming. Pushing your joints too far can result in additional injuries.

Keep in mind that if you’re having serious or ongoing joint pain, consulting an orthopedic surgeon to discuss treatment options can be very beneficial.

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