Four Steps To Improve Joint Mobility

Mobility is a crucial part of joint health. Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, having good joint mobility makes you healthier and stronger. But how do you improve joint mobility? Take a look below for four ways to get those joints moving.joint health

Perform Mobility Exercises

Some exercises serve to improve joint mobility. Here are a few examples of exercises you can do to work on your joint health.

  • Ankle Stretch – Stand facing a wall, toes two inches from it. Bend your knee and try to touch the wall with it, without lifting your heel. Repeat a few times, then move back one inch at a time until your knee no longer makes contact with the wall.
  • Hip Flexor Stretch – Kneel on the floor with one foot out to the front. Roll your hips forward, keeping your upper body in an upright position. Hold for at least 30 seconds and then switch sides.
  • Band Pull-Apart – Hold a resistance band with both hands, arms extended directly in front of you. Move your arms as far apart as possible with bending your elbows. Hold for a couple of seconds, then slowly return to your initial position. Repeat.

Improve Your Coordination

Coordination plays an important role in maintaining an active lifestyle, especially as you age. Use your mobility to also increase coordination. Try to do the same move in different parts of your body simultaneously.

Slow Down

Doing mobility exercises quickly can be a good warm-up, but doing each movement slowly is beneficial. It allows you to gain control of the moves, which helps you have control over movements in your daily life. This is important in helping to avoid injuries.

Switch It Up

Don’t limit yourself to a standing position while doing mobility exercises. To really improve your joint health, try the moves in different positions – such as sitting, on your back, or on your stomach. You’ll find they challenge you differently with each new position.

When you’re ready to take charge of your joint health, follow these tips. Then give Specialty Orthopaedics a call to see how we can help.

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