Four Ways To Improve Joint Health

Joint HealthYou can take proactive steps to alleviate joint pain and improve your joint health, whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or fear it might be on the horizon because you suffer from the most common symptoms: stiffness, swelling or the feeling of bone rubbing on top of bone.

Exercise, weight control, rest and alternative treatments can vastly improve your joint health – and improve that seemingly intangible but vital commodity known as “quality of life.”

Exercise for better health

People with joint pain often assume that exercise will exacerbate their symptoms because if “there is no pain, there is no gain.” In fact, low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga and biking are some of the very best treatments to increase flexibility and strengthen your joints. Consult with your physician about strengthening exercises, range-of-motion activities and balance and agility movements, too.

Weight control for better health

Many Americans can afford lose five to 10 pounds, and people who suffer from joint pain should feel a noticeable improvement afterward. Losing weight can relieve stress on weight-bearing joints and increase mobility.

Rest for better health

Americans regularly report that they don’t get enough sleep, with most people getting less than seven hours a night. For people who grapple with joint pain, this can be a debilitating habit. Even as people age, they need at least seven hours per sleep a night. While proper rest is paramount to managing joint pain, so are simple breathing and relaxation techniques, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Alternative treatments for better health

Alternative treatments require some trial and error; a treatment that soothes one person may have little to no effect on another. So be patient as you try hot and cold treatments, massage and even acupuncture, which scientists believe releases pain-relieving chemicals produced by the nervous system.

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