Harmful Effects of Flip Flops

Flip flops provide you with a way to keep your feet from getting sweaty during summer. They also help prevent you from slipping at the pool. Although this summer footwear does offer these benefits, it comes at a cost. Walking around in flip flops much of the time can lead to injuries ranging from minor soreness that can be treated at home to more serious wear and tear that could require orthopedic care. Knowing the effects that flip flops have on your health can help you decide whether you want to take the risk.orthopedic care

Foot Problems

Flip flops don’t provide your feet with any support, which can lead to serious issues, especially if you wear them on concrete and other hard surfaces. Walking around in flip flops puts added strain on your feet and can result in heel and arch inflammation, such as plantar fasciitis. These shoes also cause you to strain your toes more when you walk, which can lead to inflammation in the tendons, also known as tendinitis. You might also develop hammer toes or bunions.

Joint Problems

Flip flops can also interfere with the way you walk. If you have heel or arch pain from wearing them, you’ll end up positioning your feet differently while walking. Over time, this can cause joint pain and other problems in certain parts of your body, such as your knees and back. Even when you’re not in pain, wearing flip flops makes you walk a bit differently than you would in other shoes. You end up taking shorter strides and not putting as much pressure on your heel when you step down. These changes to your natural gait can lead to joint problems in your hips, knees and back.

Limiting the amount of time you wear flip flops or wearing more supportive footwear instead can help prevent pain and other injuries. If you’ve already been having foot, hip, knee or back pain, orthopedic care might be able to help you.

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