Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has long been a household remedy for many ailments, domestic, and beauty needs. Orthopedic care is included in that wide array of uses, and patients with joint and muscle problems have found many benefits in the use of Epsom Salt. Here are a few ways this substance can be used to improve your life.

Ease Muscle Pain

The active ingredients in this fantastic cure, magnesium and sulfate, draw out toxins and acids that linger in your muscles and cause soreness. You can use it as a paste directly applied to tender spots, or dissolve it in a warm bath for even greater benefit. As the warm water increases healing blood flow to the injured area, the magnesium helps improve muscle function. Swelling and irritation are alleviated by this wondrous substance and you will feel the positive effects for a long time after drying off.

Improves Bone Health

Magnesium is essential for your body to function effectively, especially with regard to your orthopedic care. Your body needs magnesium to properly use calcium, and both must be in balance for optimal results. As most people know, calcium is the building block for healthy bones and the proper amount of calcium absorption will help stave off osteoporosis later in life. Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin, so a nice soak in a warm Epsom salt bath is an easy way to improve your body’s balance.

Reduce Stress

You may not think that stress has much effect on your orthopedic care and health, but that is far from true. One of the major effects of stress is the production of enzymes and acids that erode your bones. Epsom salt restores the magnesium in your body, which stimulates your serotonin production and helps calm your mood. By relieving the effects of stress on your body, you can help your bones too. The Epsom Salt bath technique works well to achieve this, by allowing you to absorb the magnesium you need plus providing a relaxing atmosphere and time to unwind.

Epsom salt has a lot of great uses around the house, in your garden, as part of your beauty regimen, and as a tool in your orthopedic care. Ask your doctor if you can make it part of your ritual a few times a week. If it’s right for you, you’ll notice improvement in your joint and muscle comfort in very little time.


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