Health Benefits of Senior Exercise

Seniors working with orthopedic specialists have heard the recommendation regularly — exercise, exercise, exercise! As a senior, the benefits of exercise are very significant and can mean the difference between being an active and happy older adult or one with serious mobility issues. What can exercise do for seniors?

Better MobilityOrthopaedic_specialist

Even people with arthritis are encouraged to get as much exercise as they can bear, for a good reason: Movement keeps your joints lubricated and makes it easier for you to be active. Without exercise, muscles atrophy and become unable to support your body and you may need to rely on a cane, walker, or wheelchair at an early age. Being active means you are more likely to remain independent.

Bone and Joint Health

Exercise helps the body use vital nutrients and maintain bone density. Higher impact activities actually strengthen bones, but can be painful for those with joint issues. Any level of exercise is useful to staying strong, and beginning a program of yoga, stretching, or mild exercise will reduce joint pain and help your body feel better. Orthopedic specialists can recommend the right program no matter what your abilities, and you’re likely to find that once you start you can do more and more everyday.

Mental Benefits

Exercise and activity reduces stress and stimulates the brain to produce “feel good” chemicals. It can be an opportunity for social interaction as well, which is a necessity for emotional support as a person ages.

Immune and Injury Help

While aging is an inevitable part of life, disease and injury don’t have to be. People who exercise are healthier and have stronger immune systems than those who don’t. You are also far more likely to avoid a critical injury if you’ve been an active adult, since your bones are stronger, your coordination better, and your muscles and joints more sturdy.

Orthopedic specialists can’t say it enough — exercise will help you lead a healthy, happy life well into your senior years. Check in with your doctor today to see what activities may be right for your health and lifestyle!

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