Hot Tub Health Benefits

You might be one of the people who think there is nothing better than sinking into a wonderful hot tub for relaxation and enjoyment, but did you also know that hot tubs are a fantastic tool used in sports medicine? You might be surprised to hear about the many ways a hot tub could be used in your orthopedic care. 

For centuries, the therapeutic use of hot springs has been popular in many cultures, for good reason. Hydrotherapy offers many benefits to both athletes and non-athletes, has been shown to improve blood pressure and heart function, and boost your immunity. The orthopedic benefits of hot tubs are incredible, and can help you heal or take your fitness to the next level.

The warm water in a hot tub aids healing by improving your circulation and increasing blood flow to the injured area. The blood contains valuable nutrients that assist in healing. After a hard workout, hot tub therapy also helps you recover more quickly due to the increased blood flow.

The jets in a hot tub provide gentle pressure on your muscles and skin to ease those aches and pains. This will improve your general wellness and joint comfort, plus gives you all of the benefits of traditional massage, such as better flexibility, relaxation, and reduced stress.

The buoyancy afforded by the water in a hot tub lets you perform exercises that would ordinarily be too difficult on land due to gravity, plus is invaluable in sports medicine to help rehabilitate injuries without the worry of additional problems from impact or weight bearing. It is an excellent method for patients who have impaired mobility for these reasons.

Arthritis Pain Relief
Sports medicine professionals see many patients who have arthritic joints from past athletic injuries or age. Hot tubs make it possible for arthritis patients to exercise safely and get sore joints moving again, as well as giving comfort to sore parts.

As the warm water allows heat to set in to your muscles, it provides a great opportunity to get a very extensive stretch. Regularly working on your flexibility this way can significantly improve your athletic ability.

Hot tub therapy can up your game, ease your pain, and help your general health. Consult your orthopedic doctor to see if hot tub therapy would be useful for your case.

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