How Can a Lateral Release Help

Knee_SurgeryKnees are a complex and vulnerable joint due to the heavy demands we place on them on a daily basis. For certain patients, a knee surgery called a Lateral release is the solution they’ve been looking for. Here’s what you should know about this surgery.

Who is a Candidate?

Patients who have problems with walking, running, or suffering pain due to a kneecap (patella) that has been pulled out of alignment may find relief with a Lateral Release. When conservative treatments like medication, supportive braces, and physical therapy have met the end of their effectiveness for the kneecap misalignment, Lateral Release can be used to release the tension on the kneecap and get it to shift back into place.

Pain Relief

People with a misaligned or tilted kneecap frequently have a lot of pain and swelling. After the healing process and rehabilitation after the Lateral Release knee surgery, this pain is reduced or even eliminated. This is definitely an advantage over having to take major amounts of pain medication just to make it through your day.

Improvement of Knee Function

A patient with a tilted or misaligned patella may have serious issues walking or running. These activities are often awkward and uncomfortable, and as the problem continues, the person’s gait may change to adapt and actually make the issue worse. In response to the body motion change, other joints will shift to accommodate the change in body motion too, placing undue stress on joints like your hips and spine. Lateral release can realign the kneecap and allow the knee to move normally and prevent further trouble with other joints.

Lateral release knee surgery is not a fix that is prescribed for many knee problems, but if you are a patient suffering from a kneecap shift or misalignment, this procedure may help you. Talk to your orthopedic doctor today to ask about your options.

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