How Eating Right Helps with a Fast Recovery

If you’ve just had orthopedic surgery, you may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to your recovery. Healing time, rehabilitation, rebuilding your strength and returning to your improved life are probably a few of the areas of your knowledge, but what you may not know is how your diet can make or break the success of those phases.

Weight Management

The most obvious way your diet impacts recovery is by improving or maintaining your weight. Carrying extra weight is hard on your joints, not a good scenario for someone who’s gone through orthopedic surgery. Bringing your weight into a healthy range through ingestion of quality food sources like lean protein and the right kinds of fruits and vegetables improves your joint comfort and reduces the stress on your bones and joints resulting from extra weight.


Some foods contain enzymes or substances that have been shown to help post-surgical recovery in a few ways. Some are considered antioxidants, which help defend your body cells against damage caused by the by-products of normal metabolic processes. Others will reduce or prevent inflammation in your joints and soft tissues, which then makes your joints more comfortable and minimizes the pain that can come from an injury and orthopedic surgery. Foods like broccoli, kale, spinach, red bell peppers, and salmon are examples of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods to aid a recovering patient.

General Health

After surgery, it can be difficult for your body to get back into its normal biologic routines. Digestion is often disrupted by the effects of anesthesia. When your body isn’t processing nutrients and calories properly, the result is slow healing, lack of energy, and ill feeling. Dietary fiber is an essential ingredient in a good diet and combined with other quality sources of food fuel, will help your body feel its absolute best and speed your healing and rehabilitation process.

Your diet is critically important to a successful recovery after orthopedic surgery. Talk to your doctors today about the right food plan for your medical needs.

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